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About Me

Being Alaskan Native, fishing runs through my blood. I have been fishing as long as I can remember, my earliest memory being 3 years old fishing on the Talkeetna River and reeling in my first salmon on a pink Barbie fishing rod. On my 16th birthday, my grandpa got me my first fly rod, and gave me a reminder to always wear my wading belt. My dad would then set up hula-hoops in the back yard and help me with my aim in casting. It was a tough technique to learn, but once I caught my first fish on my fly rod (a tiny arctic grayling) I was hooked. I now spend my summers fishing and documenting my trips as much as I can, exploring new waters and increasing my skills in both fishing and photography.

With a Bachelor's in Business Marketing, I enjoy creating content for myself and for others, while photography allows for the creative expression I strive for.